Shoppers and Sugars: What Consumers Buy and Why On-Demand Webcast

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Sponsored by the Corn Refiners Association

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This webcast provides food and beverage marketers and product formulators with new research on grocery-shopping women and the factors, especially those that pertain to added sugars such as high fructose corn syrup, that influence their purchase decisions.

Shoppers' profiles, their interest in added sugars and ingredient labeling, and their actual purchase behaviors is presented along with scientific data on the composition, caloric content and metabolism of added sugars.

Also included is a recording of the live question-and-answer session with presenters: Sara Martens, vice president of the Omaha-based market research company MSR Group, who has more than15 years’ experience in marketing and market research; and by John S. White, Ph.D., caloric sweetener expert and president of White Technical Research, who has spent more than 28 years in researching the production, functionality, applications, consumption and metabolism of sweeteners.

Intended Audience:
• Product Developers
• Company Management 
• Sales & Marketing Personnel
• Plant Production Personnel
• Quality Assurance Managers and Supervisors
• Food Safety Specialists
• Product manufacturers
• Research Staff 
• Regulators
• Academics
• Students
Learning Level:  Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced

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