Water Activity: Beyond Microbial Stability On-Demanad Webcasat

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Water activity, the energy status of water in a system, is widely known to be associated with microbial stability, but its value as a process control parameter in determining product quality is often overlooked.


This webcast will give a brief introduction to water activity and focus on applications for water activity related to product quality as opposed to microbial safety.  Examples will be used to help you understand moisture sorption isotherms and food quality and engineering applications.


Webcast Objectives:


  • Explore applications for complete moisture analysis including product stability applications for water activity and moisture sorption isotherms.
  • Examine how the two main types of solids, crystalline and amorphous, sorb water and new ways to measure the critical relative humidity at which the glassy to rubbery transition occurs.
  • Review food quality and engineering applications including distribution of moisture in multidomain foods and packaging prediction for dry foods.

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