Make Your Steps Count at the IFT Food Expo! On-Demand Webcast

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How can you make the most out of your IFT Food Expo experience? Spend time on the expo floor! Meet as many people as you can, focus your time on companies you’re interested in, and learn as much as you can by exploring the latest in products and technology the exhibitors have to offer.

Hear from two IFT students, Matt Cael, and Kirk Smith, as they recount past success on the expo floor and visiting booths, talking with various companies.  In addition, Kirk Smith offers an inside perspective as he shares his experience of actually working in a booth and provides tips and advice for what to expect from exhibitors.

Intended Audience: Students and anyone interested in learning tips and best practices for visiting exhibitors at the 2012 IFT Food Expo in June in Las Vegas, NV and beyond.

Learning Level: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced

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