Building a Foundation for Leadership

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Learning Goals
  • Learn to contrast the role of management with the role of leadership
  • Learn the appropriate mix of leadership skills for different situations
  • Discover how to develop the competencies for successful leadership
Course Description

To be a leader you need skills and motivation, not a title. You can lead whether you're at the top of the organization, in the most junior position, or somewhere in between. But before you can be a leader, you have to know how to lead.

  • How do you grab — and maintain — the attention and respect of those around you?
  • When should you act as a manager and when should you act as leader?
  • How do you translate your personal vision into something meaningful for others?
  • How do your sort through your experiences, good and bad, to find the lessons that will make you a better leader tomorrow?

Learners in this course tackle these and other questions, building skills and gaining insight as they seek answers that make sense for themselves, for those they aspire to lead, and for your organization.

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