Communicating Effectively as a Leader

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The Power of Your Communication

As a leader, your influences may be greater than you realize. Take full advantage of this by recognizing the:

  • Importance of establishing and protecting your personal brand
  • Five communication techniques that power efficiency and effectiveness
  • Ways to identify and avoid four common communication pitfalls
Sharing the Vision

A persuasively communicated vision can ensure that people are pulling in the same direction. Learn the:

  • Importance of communicating to employees the what and why of their work
  • Tips on tailoring a message for your audience to create maximum impact
  • Techniques for illuminating your message with stories, analogies, and metaphors
Tailoring Your Message

Persuading would be easy if everyone had the same needs and interests. Frame your message to create consensus by discovering the:

  • Power of knowing the goals and rewards you share with your audience
  • Techniques for persuasion rooted in common values and beliefs
  • Tips for using language to create a bond with others

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