Leading Change Successfully

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Assessing Readiness for Change

Is your organization ready for a major change? How can you tell? What can you do if it isn’t? To get a handle on change:

  • Assess your company’s readiness in the four phases of a major organizational change.
  • Learn the telltale signs that indicate when your company is ready and when it isn’t.
  • See tips to improve your organization’s readiness.
Building Commitment to Change

A successful change needs the support of your employees. To win that support, you need to know the:

  • Three steps to building a commitment to change
  • Signs that indicate whether you are a change leader
Aligning Your Organization

All components of your company must be in alignment with a major change. Learn:

  • Guidelines for aligning your organizational structure and culture with the change
  • Three tools to manage resistance to change
  • Additional tips to help you minimize, confront, and leverage resistance

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