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June 15 Workshop: Creating a Product Tracing Plan

- Available
Valid from: June 15, 2011 08:30AM - June 15, 2011 12:30PM

Hilton New Orleans Riverside
New Orleans, LA

A rapid, accurate, efficient product tracing system can help save lives and protect industries from financial ruin.  The ability to trace products must exist throughout supply chains, not just within individual firms. However, the first step in creating a system-wide tracing system is ensuring that your company is identifying, capturing, and sharing the correct information about products.

GS1 US and IFT have collaborated to build a program for food safety and supply chain professionals working in the food industry to aid in developing their traceability programs. Two prerequisite webcasts (February 15 and March 15) will provide participants with foundational knowledge regarding how critical tracking events (CTEs) are identified, the types of data that need to be collected at each CTE, and how GS1 standards can be used to identify and capture data, as well as share it with supply chain partners. This knowledge will provide participants with the skills needed to prepare sketches of their supply chains, with proposed CTEs and KDEs identified, prior to attending the workshop. Registrants will receive additional instructions regarding prework (expected to take 1-2 hours) approximately three weeks before the workshop.

During the workshop, participants will use the workbook provided to refine their designation of CTEs, specify the types of data to be collected at each CTE, and understand which GS1 standards can be used to identify these data. Participants will interact with their food safety and supply chain colleagues to discuss product and process specific challenges and identify potential solutions.

Finally, participants will be provided with a step-wise approach to implementing a product tracing plan within their company, and will be equipped with the tools to convince their supply chain partners to make the same commitment to this important aspect of a food safety system.

Registration for this workshop includes registration for both the live and on-demand versions of the February 15 and March 15 webcasts.  These products will appear on the final payment screen with a charge of $0.

To register by mail or phone contact Lizzy Martin at or (312) 604-0285.

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