A Systematic Perspective for Improving Food Safety: Strategic Selection and Use of Metrics Live Webcast

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Improvements to Food Safety Management Systems are generally based on corrective actions to deviations and external or internal audits. The corrective actions approach is reactionary to events that already have occurred, and when performance indicators are created based in these occurrences they can be considered lagging. In the other hand, audits are preventative measures used to improve the system and the indicators created based in this type of events can be considered leading. The use of metrics facilitates the management of systems, and can be made even easier when information management technologies are applied. But, special care should be taken to strategically select those who can have more significant impact in consumers and the business. Leading metrics can be derived from Regulatory Guidelines, Private Standards, Scientific Publications, the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Plan and Good Manufacturing Practices, but the prioritization of their use requires a good understanding of food safety and risk. The objective of this Webcast is to review and stimulate the discussion about the use of food safety metrics (and their associated tools and techniques), and how they can be applied to evaluate the performance and effectiveness of food safety management practices and motivate improvement.
Learning Objectives:
1. Types of metrics that can be used to manage food safety
2. Selection of metrics for food safety management
3. Use of metrics to manage performance
4. Use of metrics to evaluate effectiveness 

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