Environmentally Friendly Marketing Claims

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Consumers want the products that are good for them to be good for the environment as well.  As more and more firms wade into the “green” waters with claims such as “sustainable,” “biodegradable,” “produced with wind energy;” they are quickly learning that there is little guidance with regard to the limits and regulatory implications of such claims. 


This webcast will provide an overview of current trends in “green” marketing, with practical examples provided by a certifying organization, a manufacturer of processing aids and a food processor.  In addition, the webcast will explore the current regulatory framework governing such claims as well as provide examples of enforcement trends.  Lastly, the panel will discuss the direction of “green” food production what firms might expect moving forward.   


Webcast Objectives:


  • This webcast will provide an update on the regulatory framework for marketing foods with “green” claims.
  • This webcast will provide up to date information on real world use of “green” food production by members of the industry.
  • This webcast will provide a framework from which firms may build a “green” marketing campaign.

Intended Audience:

  • Product Developers
  • Company Management 

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