Developing Low Sodium Products: Food Safety & Proc

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Developing Low Sodium Products: Food Safety & Processing Concerns

In its’ report, “Strategies to Reduce Sodium Intake in the United States’, the IOM concludes that reducing sodium content in food requires new government standards for the accept¬able level of sodium.  Legislators at both the state and federal level and others are now calling for the reduction of sodium levels in food.  Food companies must lead the way by developing innovative methods to reduce sodium in foods while maintaining product taste, appearance and other quality attributes, as well as maintaining food safety and consumer acceptance.  This webcast will address the many challenges the food industry must address when reducing sodium.

You will better understand:
- The role of sodium in food processing
- The impact of sodium and its reduction on product safety and other attributes
- Recent innovations to reduce sodium 

Intended Audience: 
- Product Developers
- Food Scientists
- Researchers
- Sales & Marketing 
- Regulators/Regulatory Affairs

Learning Level: Beginner and Intermediate

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