The Fundamentals of Food Traceability On Demand Webcast

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Today’s global food supply chain has become increasingly complex as companies seek greater efficiencies to feed the world’s growing population. Product tracing has emerged as a critical means to follow key information about the attributes and origin of products -- from farm to processing to retail and food service, or to the family table.

Learn from the experts as we explore the basic concepts of traceability, traceability regulations and the challenges faced by small to mid-size companies when implementing traceability practices. Join us as we address general principles, systems, and common best practices for traceability.

The webinar is developed and supported by IFT’s new Global Food Traceability Center. The Global Food Traceability Center will serve as an authoritative, scientific, and unbiased source for information about food traceability. By creating a forum with international scope, IFT will lend its significant expertise and capabilities to strengthening the agriculture and food sectors around the world.

By attending you will better understand:
• Common traceability terminology
• What is driving food traceability today
• Traceability laws and regulations
• Importance of traceability
• Traceability challenges
• Operational principles of traceability

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