Current Science and Practice in Home Food Preservation On-Demand Webcast

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This webcast, supported by the IFT Extension & Outreach division, is free to IFT members.

The movement to buy local and to buy sustainably-grown produce presents very strong motivating forces in the fruit and vegetable markets that dictate where and what consumers will buy. Locally-grown produce is highly desirable to many consumers because it is fresher, perceived to be healthier and safer, and it supports the local economy. This is one force driving the market and resurgence of home food preservation.

This webcast provides an update on the current science in USDA home food preservation recommendations as well as the resources available to professionals. Recent offerings and current projects is discussed, as well as the history of home food preservation research and practice in the U.S. This webcast outlines the scientific principles underlying home food preservation methods in addition to the current status of research and recommended methods by the USDA and land grant university system. Recent and current work by the National Center for Home Food Processing and Preservation (NCHFPP) based at the University of Georgia is also presented and participants receive recommended, science-based resources for home food preservation.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the history of USDA research and publishing activities in home food preservation, along with the current consumer practices
  • Learn activities of the National Center for Home Food Processing and Preservation (NCHFPP) and helpful tools to use through the NCHFPP web site
  • Apply publicly-available resources for educators and consumers regarding home food preservation recommendations from the USDA and the Cooperative Extension System

Intended Audience:

  • Consumer Insights
  • Dietitians
  • Food Scientists
  • Product Developers
  • Regulators
  • Academics
  • Students

Learning Level: Intermediate

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